Far from empowering their sisters, the stars of Sex And The City are leaving women in a neurotic fudge about what to wear to work every morning.

A survey has found that Carrie Bradshaw and her fellow fashionistas have left the majority of women questioning their own dubious dress sense.

Despite being a huge Carrie Bradshaw fan - or maybe because of it - I resent how her fantastic wardrobe reflects on my collection of cut-price labels and 'fat-day' black trousers.

Carrie is the biggest culprit of the four SATC clothes-horses for triggering an insecurity trip for women. She is forever doing ordinary, work-a-day things in something frou-frou and fancy, and always haute couture. It's either D&G or classic Chanel and it is always uncomfortable. I wouldn't be able to bend down in some of the flouncy numbers she wears, let along get to work. It seems that she can't even nip round the corner for a packet of fags without first slipping on her towering Blanik's and a Gucci beret.

When you see her slouching in front of her lap-top, mulling over relationship mores, she will doubtless look like a 'how to slouch with style' advert for Vogue. Can't they screen just one show where she is in a nice pair of Clark's shoes to give her feet a rest?

I'm not trying to knock the woman. Theoretically, I think it a great idea that a bunch of successful single women spend loads on themselves and feel fabulous for doing so. I just think they are now the stuff of female paranoia.

Many of us endeavour to look like Carrie first thing on a Monday morning but I certainly turn up to work looking like I've dressed in the dark because life is hard enough without having to erect the ironing board every morning.

I'm not shouting for dull realism from a TV series that trades on its glamour, but I think that, as insightful as Carrie's reflections are into the way men and women behave, she needs to get a little more real with her dress sense.

The heatwave did all sorts of wonderful things to the British character. Everyone became friendlier and a little more 'European'. We dressed better and sat outside cafes, drinking iced-tea and smiling at each other. It felt a little like being in Barcelona.

Now we find the heat has affected our sexual habits too. A new craze called 'dogging' has hit our parks and picnic grounds. Groups of craven people get together in the open and get it on. Dubbed a new form of swinging, it is said to attract exhibitionist women and voyeuristic men. Blimey. I didn't think the British had it in them. More sex please, we're being watched. Even the graphic 'dogging' epithet brings me out in a blush. I obviously haven't had enough sun.