A CONVOY of motorcyclists turned up to The National Canine Defence League (NCDL) with some welcome aid.

Thirty bikers from the Hartlepool Misfits motorcycle group spent two months collecting donations of pet food, dog treats and toys from homes and businesses in the area.

Yesterday, they formed a convoy to deliver the goods to the NCDL kennels at Sadberge, near Darlington.

Angie Avey, assistant manager at the re-homing centre, said: "It means an awful lot to us. We rely a lot on donations but some people can't afford to give money and we appreciate dog food, blankets and toys just as much.

"We are very grateful to the Hartlepool Misfits for their support.

"Some of their members have even adopted our dogs in the past."

The charity is looking for a home for a four-year-old dog called Timber, who staff said was not conventionally pretty but has a warm, friendly and gently character which makes him a perfect pet for any home.

Catherine Gillie at the centre said: "We're urging potential new owners to give Timber a second look when they come to our centre.

"He is a loyal and patient dog who deserves a loving home after a rough start in life. He would suit a first-time owner or a family with children over the age of ten."

If you are interested in providing Timber or any other dog with a home, contact NCDL on (01325) 333114.