WE all do it - open a wardrobe full of clothes, spend ages rooting around, try things on, discard a few outfits and then moan: "I've got nothing to wear." But sometimes, it's just impossible to find the right clothes for a particular occasion.

Fortunately, straight-talking style experts Trinny and Susannah are on hand to help with their new book. The bestselling What Not to Wear was about choosing the right clothes for your body shape. They told us how to disguise our worst features and show off our best but apparently, none of this helps if you dress inappropriately for the occasion.

The second book is about how dressing well can help you get what you want and break free from stereotypes. What Not to Wear Part 2 is for anyone who's never been quite sure what to wear for an evening wedding, for every mother who wonders how she should dress for the school sports and for any girl who's out to land her first job. "No matter what a woman's age, she is faced with a series of milestones, special events and occasions that all require careful dress planning," say Trinny and Susannah in the introduction. "We aim to guide the misguided into looking the part at all manner of life-changing moments. The book demonstrates how dressing well can help you get what you want. It will train those bound by what the neighbours say to break free from stereotypes. It will enable girls to make dressing decisions on their own, without the help of competitive peers."

Do you know, for example, how to make the speedy transformation from workwear to evening glamour? Did you know that dressing head to toe in one designer label, complete with matching accessories, may look co-ordinated but shows absolutely no imagination?

The topics in What Not to Wear 2 are divided into: trendy, casual and smart and include the interview, work wear, summer wedding, underwear and partying. There are ideas for every age, style and budget and the book also includes the pair's indispensable shopping directory.

The book is fun but full of invaluable tips. If you're going to a wedding, the girls advise you check that the shadow from your hat doesn't accentuate the dark circles under your eyes. If you're going to a party and planning on getting smashed, consider the height of your heels - and how likely you are to fall over while wearing them.

Essentially, it's all about tailoring your look to the occasion without giving up your individual style. Get it right and you'll not only look good, you'll feed good too.

l What Not to Wear by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine (Weidenfeld & Nicholson, £14.99)