Moves are under way to set up a radio station in Northallerton and Hambleton.

A nine-day trial broadcast is scheduled this month and could be followed early next year with a 28-day, trial.

The group behind the station, Harmony Broadcasting, is looking for volunteers willing to help with the trial.

The Radio Authority has approved a Restricted Service Licence from October 25 to November 2. Spokesman Brian Cooper said: "Northallerton deserves its own radio station and that view is shared by many people we have spoken to.

"The station will broadcast a mix of great music from the Sixties through to the present day along with news and information about local events and people in and around the area. Local should mean local.

"We are passionate about local radio and about what it should provide for the local area." Although the trial will be for only nine days it is expected to be labour intensive and help will be needed.

"Even running the station for a week will need lots of volunteers to answer phones, arrange interviews with local personalities and even present on-air, subject to suitability," said Mr Cooper.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the project can contact Mr Cooper on 07960 997497.