NETWORK Rail has allayed fears about inadequate fencing bordering the high-speed East Coast Mainline.

Taxi driver George Jenkinson highlighted as a possible weakness a section of damaged fencing where Haughton Road crosses the East Coast Mainline on the outskirts of Darlington.

Mr Jenkinson said: "This is not enough to stop a boy racer or a bus from flying along the road, which goes over the bridge, perhaps losing control and getting onto the tracks.

"The driver involved in the Selby rail crash went quite a distance before getting on to the railway in his vehicle.

"This is a mainline railway and there could be another complete disaster."

A spokeswoman for Network Rail said inquires had indicated that the wooden fencing to which Mr Jenkins was referring was not the rail company's property.

She also said that behind the wooden fencing was a much stronger palisade fence which blocked access to the track and prevented anyone trespassing on the line.