Big Brother star Jonny Regan went back to see his old workmates - and also to get his kit off.

Jonny, who was a firefighter until finding fame and fortune after the TV series, joined 11 of his former colleagues in the latest craze, posing for a calendar.

The firefighters at Peterlee, County Durham, have donated thousands of pounds to local charities over the years, and are in the process of printing 6,000 calendars for next year to raise more for local good causes.

Each month also contains a fire safety message.

Station Officer Ian Ferguson, 48, said: "It is all good clean fun, there is nothing smutty.

"Last year we handed over £15,000 to the NSPCC through a variety of events, including a sponsored cycle ride from Calais to Monte Carlo.

"This year we are spreading funds around a number of charities, although the main one is Hartlepool Hospice.

"Jonny agreed to come back and pose for one of the months.

"There are some young, handsome members of the brigade photographed, and there are also one or two old guys like me," said Mr Ferguson, who posed with his border collie, Merck.

He said his wife Angela, and daughter Anneka, 17, were "quite upbeat" about him posing.

"We've just had our 23rd wedding anniversary so Angela isn't too bothered.

"At the station we had planned to do this calendar for a while, but the success of the film Calendar Girls has helped create an extra interest in what we are doing."

Mr Ferguson said the calendars, costing £3.99, would be sold locally from October.