A black-tie dinner in Ripon Cathedral was such a success it could lead to the building being used for more corporate functions.

The event raised £10,000 towards the cathedral's £500,000 roof appeal, attracting 275 guests.

The cathedral administrator, Lieutenant Colonel Ian Horsford, said the candlelit setting in the nave had created a wonderful ambience.

He said the success of the occasion had opened the possibility of using the nave for other similar occasions.

The transformed nave had what was described as a baronial hall feel to the place as diners, each paying £50 for their five-course meal, took their places.

Lt Col Horsford said: "I don't know anywhere in Yorkshire which could create such a wonderful setting."

Caterers put up a kitchen marquee to service the event from the south transept - and a row of upmarket portable lavatories were put on the cathedral forecourt.

Margaret Hammond, the cathedral's development campaign manager, said: "It was a truly fabulous occasion."

Organisers worked early into the following morning to clear the marquee, tables and chairs in order to beat an 11am deadline for a wedding ceremony.

By Sunday, all the pews were back in place for the cathedral's more traditional role of church services.

Ripon, England's oldest cathedral founded in 672, is believed to be the first in the country to use its place of worship for a fundraising dinner.