CHAMPION leek growers were rewarded for their efforts at an annual show in Darlington yesterday.

Scores of leeks were scrutinised by judges at the town's Inter-Club Champion of Champions Leek Show, at Harrowgate Hill Working Men's Club, in Salters Lane.

Five clubs took part in the event, producing 100 stands of leeks between them. The biggest exhibit measured 258 cubic inches.

Tomas Hope, Darlington inter-club leek show secretary, said the standard was high this year, although the hot weather had resulted in smaller vegetables.


Pot leek cup winner - Cockerton, runner-up - East End; most points - East End.

Trench leek winner - East End, runner-up - Harrowgate Hill; most points - East End.

Best pot leek winner - Cockerton.

Best trench leek - East End. Intermediate leek winner - East End.

Collection of three leeks - East End.

Overall points winner of the show - East End.