THE victim of a knife attack has spoken of her fear of stepping outside her home - even though her attacker is behind bars.

Julie Cummins was slashed down the side of her face with a Stanley knife, leaving her needing more than 50 stitches.

She said the attack on her doorstep, in March, has not only left her scarred for life but a virtual prisoner in her own home.

Her attacker, Julia-Anne Johnson, from Eldon Bank, Eldon Lane, near Bishop Auckland, County Durham, was sentenced to five years in prison and three years extended licence at Durham Crown Court last week.

The 34-year-old mother-of-three pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, criminal damage and affray.

Miss Cummins, from Brancepeth Road, Ferryhill, south Durham, said she had never met or seen Johnson before the attack, on March 29.

Johnson told her she wanted a fight because of an argument Miss Cummins supposedly had with her sister.

She said: "She thought I was someone else - my best friend. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about and I tried to walk away on several occasions, but she was in a rage."

Johnson tried to force her way into Miss Cummins' home and when Miss Cummins - dressed in slippers and pyjamas - tried to close the door, she slashed her from the top of her ear to the corner of her mouth.

The wound was so deep that it cut through all the muscles in the 34-year-old's jaw.

Miss Cummins said: "I can still feel some of the stitches. I used to go out every day, but now I only go out when it is really necessary.

"I hate my house. I don't like being in the living room and I wash my kitchen floor every day because I still see the blood. I live upstairs virtually all the time.

"I am not sure how I feel about her. She is evil and I am happy that she got as long as she did but I still don't think it is enough. I believe she will do it again and she won't stop until she kills someone."

Detective Constable Justine Redfearn, investigating officer for the attack, said: "Following this incident, the last six months of Julie's life have been extremely traumatic.

" This was a particularly vicious and unprovoked attack. I feel that both Julie and the police are satisfied with the sentence."