FIVE puppies from a litter of 13 are looking for new homes.

They are being rehomed by the National Animal Sanctuary Support League (NASSL), in Darlington.

While eight have already found homes, NASSL is looking for suitable homes for the remaining four females and one male.

Pauline Wilson, of NASSL, said that although the pups' mother was a collie-sized mongrel, the ten-week-old puppies take after their father, a black Labrador.

"The mum did so well, to have a big litter and rear them all herself.

"The pups are going to be quite big I think and seem to be taking after their dad in that respect. They seem to be quite laid back too.

"They're adorable."

Mrs Wilson said that it is important that the dogs' new owners are at home all day and that they are not left for more than an hour at a time while they are so young.

Anyone interested should contact her on (01325) 321855 or 07748 268822.