FAMILIES of three Scarborough 17-year-olds killed in a road crash two years ago returned to the scene to erect plaques in their memories.

Gary Westwood, of Kingfisher Close, Crossgates, Edward Nicholson, of Abbots Garth, Seamer, and Chris Jones, of Harford Road, Cayton, died in a head-on collisision with a BMW car driven by Maureen Hope, of Filey, who also died in the accident.

The families put up "Remember Me" signs displaying a single scarlet anemone - a flower associated in mythology with love and loss.

It was part of a nationwide memorial campaign by RoadPeace, a charity for road accident victims, to enable more permanent signs than flowers to be erected in memory of loved ones, as well as sending out a signal to other road users to take care.