A VOUCHER scheme has been launched to encourage children to help keep their village tidy.

The scheme is part of a three-point attack on litter-louts in Sedgefield village.

Councillor Dudley Waters, a retired teacher, visited Sedgefield Community College to launch the voucher system.

Vouchers have been issued to councillors, shopkeepers, police and other members of the community. Children seen being environmentally friendly will be given a voucher, which will form part of the college's rewards system.

Headteacher Lynn Ackland said: "We already have a rewards system operating at the college and this is an excellent way of extending the scheme."

Sedgefield Town Council's litter awareness campaign began with a poster competition. The winner, which is now on display in Sedgefield, was produced by Olivia Coates.

In addition, litter bins are being purchased by the town council, which is encouraging food outlets to provide additional bins outside premises.

Sedgefield Borough Council is supporting the campaign by providing an enforcement officer who will issue fines to people caught dropping litter.