A CAMPAIGN is to be launched in east Durham in a bid to help pensioners receive cash which is due to them.

The County Durham Partners Against Poverty (CDPAP) group is to run a scheme throughout the last week of November and December to remind older people about the new pension Credit.

CDPAP is a partnership between Age Concern, Durham County Council welfare rights team, Easington District Carers Support, Easington Citizens' Advice Bureau, Easington District Council and the Pension Service.

The campaign will be launched on Tuesday and surgeries will be open throughout the district to help pensioners access the necessary advice.

Pension Credit replaces the Minimum Income Guarantee providing a guaranteed level of income to everyone aged 60 or over of £102.10 a week for a single person, or £155.80 a week for couples.

These amounts may be higher if people are severely disabled, if they look after someone who is severely disabled or if they have certain housing costs.

Pension Credit will also provide a reward to people aged 65 and over for some of the savings and income they have for their retirement.

This is called the Savings Credit and is worth up to a maximum of £14.97 a week for single people or £19.20 a week for couples.

Anyone already receiving the Minimum Income Guarantee will not need to apply for Pension Credit.

The Pension Service will automatically work out the entitlement and write to everyone concerned to let them know what the new entitlement is.