SENIOR police officers have gone back on the beat to experience operational duties on the front line.

More than 40 officers and support staff took to the streets of York to re-acquaint themselves with the challenges faced by patrolling bobbies.

The initiative was part of a programme to develop the leadership skills of senior staff.

Assistant Chief Constable Peter Bagshaw said: "It is vitally important that senior members of staff keep in touch with the realities of life on the beat."

During the day, the senior staff focused on front-line activities including going out on patrol and dealing with everyday issues such as anti-social behaviour, begging, and drug abuse.

They were also involved in the execution of search and arrest warrants as part of continuing Operational Delivery, and visited shops to reinforce the message about crime prevention.

Mr Bagshaw said: "It is also about developing management skills, team working and engaging with the public at a direct, personal level."

* Operation Delivery, which aims to step up law enforcement across the county, has now secured more than 2,000 arrests since September.