A BROTTON schoolgirl will see again, despite having glue mistakenly put into her eye.

Karen Skidmore's right eye lid was glued shut after mum, Michelle, accidentally treated her daughter's conjunctivitis with drops of glue used for sticking on false nails instead of eye drops. In the split second it took Mrs Skidmore, of Rodney Close, to realise her mistake, the damage was done.

Karen was taken to James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, where it was found that her retina was scratched - probably by the glue - and should heal.

Mrs Skidmore said: "The nail glue packaging and the conjunctivitis eye drops are identical. They are both pointed bottles with nozzles and they are both lilac and pink."

She urged other parents to read the packaging carefully before dispensing medicines as 'mistakes can easily happen.'