'Newfit Services Willington: Willington Club produced one of their best performances of the season when they went to Sunnybrow Brown Trout and won by five points.

The Trout had singles wins from Nigel Barker and Stephen Longhorn with Michael Pickles and Paul Allchurch adding a doubles point. The Club had singles wins from Colin Walker, Joe Blakey, Donald Young and Stephen Hutchinson whilst Joe Davis with Joe Blakey and Stephen Hutchinson with Donald Young added doubles points before taking the team game.

The draw for the Four Man Team Knockout, to be arranged by mutual agreement before March 3, is: Willington Burn v Prospect Club; Willington Club v Lion and Unicorn; Black Horse Inn v Willington Cottles C; Byers Green Royal Oak v Sunnybrow Brown Trout A.

Results: Willington New Inn 7 Willington Black Horse Tavern 4; Victoria Club 10 Willington Black Horse Inn 1; Willington Burn 9 Sunnybrow Brown Trout B 2; Hunwick Joiners Arms 7 Hunwick Quarry 4; Sunnybrow Brown Trout A 3 Willington Club 8. Postponed: Willington Cottles v Willington Brewer's Droop and Willington Lion and Unicorn v Prospect Club.

Tow Law Coors

Ithe top match of the week, second placed Newhouse Club went down to their heaviest defeat of the season to the third placed visiting Billy Row Club. The home side made a good start when they took the first trebles but Billy Row replied and went on to take five of the singles with wins from Joe Peacock, Carl Wilcockson, Les Hopps, John McCorquodale and George Blakey, whilst Brian Jones took the only singles for Newhouse. Billy Row kept up their good form and completed victory by taking two of the three doubles points.

Results: Tow Law Rose and Crown 5 Tow Law Dan's Castle 6; Cornsay Royal Oak 2 Tow Law New Market A 9; Hamsteels Inn 6 Esh McKennas 5; Tow Law New Market B 5 Sunniside Comedian 6; Newhouse Club 3 Billy Row Club 8.

Crook Ladies League

Tow Law Black Horse won by three points at the Victoria Club to cut the gap between them to just five points, but the Vic remain third. However neither team have any real hope of catching the top two as the Crook Queen's Head A lead the table by 27 points and Crook Jelly's Bar B are 24 points ahead of the Victoria Club.

Results: Crook Jelly's Bar A 6 Tow Law New Market A 5; Tow Law New Market B 11 Tow Law North Point 0; Billy Row B 5 Tow Law Station 6; Victoria Club 4 Tow Law Black Horse 7; Crook Olde Horse Shoe 2 Crook Cricket Club 9; Crook Queen's Head B 1 Crook Jelly's Bar B 10; Crook Travellers Rest 3 Crook Queen's Head A 8. No result: Billy Row Royal George v Billy Row Green A.

Wear Valley

Ladies League

League leaders, Crook Golden Fleece went down to only their second defeat of the season when they visited Crook Olde Horse Shoe and lost by the odd point. Despite this reversal the Fleece still lead the table by 12 points from their conquerors, with Crook Bar 56 a further point adrift.

The leading individual scorers were Kay Patterson 162 for Byers Green Club, Gwen Varley 140 for the White Swan, Kim Pritchard 140 for the Mill House, Margaret Lee 139 for Sunnydene Lodge, Beverly Brown 132 for Willington Cricket Club, Shirley Slater 130 for Byers Green Club, Lesley Holloway 124 for Crook Surtees, Carol Haygarth 121 for the Olde Horse Shoe and Irene Clark 120 for the Crook Coach and Horses.

Results: Crook Olde Horse Shoe 5 Crook Golden Fleece 4; Tow Law Dan's Castle 6 Crook Mill House 3; Willington Cricket Club 6 Crook White Swan 3; Crook Coach and Horses 3 Byers Green Royal Oak 6; Byers Green Club 5 Howden Sunnydene Lodge 4; Crook bar 56 8 Crook Surtees 1. Willington Brewer's Droop v Crook Royal Sun no result.

Crook League

Two second division sides met in the knockout cup semi finals. After drawing the darts 3-3, The Green took the dominoes 4-2 to defeat Royal George 7-5.

In the final The Green will meet first division leaders Belle Vue WMC. The Club took the first four games in both darts and dominoes to give them an unassailable 8-0 advantage. The remaining four matches were forfeited.