POLICE are continuing to break arrest records in their blitz on crime in North Yorkshire.

In a special day of action as part of Operation Delivery, a total of 121 arrests were made, taking the total of arrests made since the launch late last year to 4,555.

"We had heard that some criminals were saying that Operation Delivery must be running out of steam by now," said the county's Deputy Chief Constable, Roger Baker, yesterday. "Now they know better."

Mr Baker said the force was continuing to focus energy on bringing to justice a range of law-breakers, spanning the range of anti-social activity.

"We are bringing in every kind of person who is breaking the rules of society, from dealers in hard drugs to arrogant individuals who can't be bothered to perform the community service a court has sentenced them to," he said.

"Day in and day out, Operation Delivery officers have arrested 25 to 30 such people, but we surpassed ourselves with a staggering 121 arrests, spread across the whole county.

"Regular officers, special constables and community support officers were supplemented for the day by officers who normally work behind the scenes, and their achievement has been spectacular."