Auckland Area CIU League: West Auckland remain 16 points clear of Cockton Hill at the top of the darts section after they only dropped one point to their hosts at Horndale, whose lone point came from Sean Musgrave.

West's points came from singles from Robert Douthwaite, Brian Denham and Neil Pinkney to add to the team game.

Cockton Hill made a similar darts victory at Old Shildon, who had Darren Blood as their only winner. The Hill's points came from the team game and singles wins from Kenny Richardson, John Carmey and Tommy Ward.

Eldon Lane moved six points clear at the top of the whist section after they only dropped one point to Peter Townsend of the visiting Evenwood. The home side's points came from Ronnie Thompson, Ray Race and John Bell. Horndale are in second place but could only draw with West Auckland when Len Turner and George Mills won for the home side with Jimmy Singlewood and Ian Bowes pulling West level.

Old Shildon moved four points clear of West Auckland in the pool section after they whitewashed the visiting Cockton Hill with wins from Michael Aldworth, Alan Bell junior, Colin Bell and Darren Blood. Eldon Lane beat the visiting Evenwood with wins from Graham Howe, Terry Race and Stephen Weldon whilst Stephen Dowson won for the visitors.

Old Shildon lead the dominoes by five points from Evenwood, whilst Old Shildon are three points clear of Horndale in the 5's and 3's.

Results: Darts: Old Shildon 1 Cockton Hill 4; Horndale 1 West Auckland 4; Eldon Lane 2 Evenwood 3.

Dominoes: Old Shildon 3 Cockton Hill 1; Horndale 2 West Auckland 2; Eldon Lane 3 Evenwood 1.

Whist: Old Shildon 1 Cockton Hill 3; Horndale 2 West Auckland 2; Eldon Lane 3 Evenwood 1.

5s & 3s: Old Shildon 2 Cockton Hill 2; Horndale 3 West Auckland 1; Eldon Lane 2 Evenwood 2.

Pool: Old Shildon 4 Cockton Hill 0; Horndale 1 West Auckland 3; Eldon Lane 3 Evenwood 1.

Crook Cup

Crook Surtees produced the best result in the quarter finals of the First Division Cup when they went to Crook Royal Sun Inn and won by two points. The Sun opened out a lead at snooker when they had singles points from Ronnie Hope, Cliffy Johnson and Simon Bowey with Hope and Bowey adding the doubles whilst the Surtees replied with wins from Howard Trotter, Paul Ford and Alan Tomlinson.

The Surtees improved at dominoes where they had singles wins from Chris Bainbridge, Alan Tomlinson, Fred Hunt and Howard Trotter, whilst the home reply came with wins from Cliffy Johnson and Graham Johnson. This meant that if the Royal Sun won the dominoes doubles they would be into a tie break but Fred Hunt and John Uren clinched the match when they beat John Hunt and Cliffy Johnson.

In the Second Division Cup a major upset looked likely when Crook Jelly's Bar A led 6-3 at Crook Coach and Horses B with snooker wins from Andrew Hutchinson and John Gibson and dominoes points from Clive Witton, Andrew Heyes, Michael Jewitt and Keith Dixon. However the Coach recovery came with snooker wins from David Haygarth, Gerald Parkin, David Stephenson and David Craggs, whilst David Stephenson and Gerald Parkin added dominoes points to level the match. In the deciding doubles at snooker, Craggs and Haygarth beat Gibson and Heyes, whilst Stephenson and Parkin won the dominoes doubles against Norman Jones and Ray Hall.

Results: First Division: Crook Mill House 7 Crook Olde Horse Shoe A 8; Crook Travellers Rest B 8 Crook Belle Vue 7; Willington Market 3 Crook Travellers Rest A 8; Crook Royal Sun 6 Crook Surtees 8.

Second Division: Crook White Swan A 8 Willington Brewer's Droop 5; Crook Olde Horse Shoe B 3 Crook Queen's Head A 8; Stanley Earl Derby 6 Crook White Swan B 8; Crook Coach and Horses B 8 Crook Jelly's Bar A 6.

Willington Ladies League

The resignation of Willington Black Horse B has shaken up the league points and positions but Willington Market were able to move up to fourth place in the darts section following their very good victory at Willington Burn. The home side took their revenge to stay at the top of the dominoes section when they Market could only take one point.

Results: Willington Club A 5 (4) Hunwick Joiners Arms 4 (1); Prospect Club 4 (2) Willington Club B 5 (3); Willington Black Horse 1 (2) Willington Cottles B 8 (3); Willington Burn 1 (2) Willington Cottles B 8 (3); Willington Burn 2 (4) Willington Market 7 (1). No result - Willington Lion and Unicorn v Sunnybrow Brown Trout.

Brown Trout Cup

Semi-final draw, to be played on Monday, February 23: Willington Cottles v Prospect Club and Willington Burn v Victoria Club.

Kensington Cup

Ithe delayed quarter finals match Hunwick Quarry pulled off a good 8-6 home victory over the strong Byers Green Royal Oak to earn themselves a home semi-final draw against Willington Brewer's Droop. The other semi-final will be Willington Lion and Unicorn v Willington Cottles B.

The final will be played on Wednesday, February 18 at Willington New Inn.