Durham League Division Two; Consett v Middlesbrough College: Middlesbrough College have proved themselves as one of the big guns in Division Two this year and would have come to Consett expecting to take the win.

Although they did, it was probably not as easy as they expected with Consett putting up a fight for most of the game. Consett's desire to compete was shown in the first period as both sides entered into a high scoring contest. It wasn't that both teams were ignoring defence but that both of their main scorers were taking advantage of the defence in front of them. While Matt Patterson took the ball to the basket for Consett's points, Taner Adu was red hot from behind the arc, hitting 5 threes for College. The quarter finished close at 30 - 28 to Middlesbrough. The second period saw more of the same as Consett were still able to gain points almost at will. However, College seemed to try up, possibly due to Adu taking a spell on the College bench. Finishing the period 14-0, Consett headed into the half leading by 58 to 49. However the half time oranges must not have worked for Consett, as they were unable to continue their scoring into the third and College regained their touch. Back on the Court Adu was able to have an impact at both ends, adding another 16 to his total and limiting the Consett scoring threats with excellent defence. With one period to go College led 86 to 74. The final ten minutes saw College seal the win just edging the period. Neither side changed their game plan or strategy, pounding the ball inside. The final whistle promptly sounded and College had completed what they came to do, winning the game 115 to 100. Matt Patterson led all scorers with 51 for Consett, whilst Mark Ewen who played an all round excellent game with a monstrous rebounding effort added 23.

County Cup

Teesside Huskies v M'brough College

In a big game between two Durham League heavyweights a place in the County Cup semi-finals was up for grabs as a crowd of 70plus spectators arrived for the spectacle. They were not to be disappointed as Adu and McGarry gave College the early eight point lead after six minutes only for the power play of Vance Silcutt to even things up at 23 after the opening ten minutes. The huskies then ran the floor in the second period and for the boards as the game was slowed down by Raftopolos and Hanson outside and the inside was left to Milambo and Silcutt giving the Huskies a ten point, half-time lead. the second half was much the same as the first as Academy attempted to speed up the slower Huskies game. Nyerko led Huskies with some outstanding basketball and Academy thanked Adu, Gayle and McGarry for keeping them in the game. In the final period though, Huskies ran out 110-100 winners with excellent basketball and good use of the bench, And so Huskies advance from this exciting, competitive and enjoyable game.

Teesside: Vance Silcutt 41, Eric Milambo 29, Andrew Nyeko 23.

College: Taner Adu 40, Stuart McGarry 18, M Gayle 12.

Teesside Uni v M'brough Mavericks

The Mavs strung out an early run to start the game at Olympia, last week. Liam O'Donohue led the charge as the Middlesbrough team kept the pressure on Teesside. Howley and Rowley kept Teesside in with a shout, but that was all it turned out to be as the Mavericks offence powered over their opposition and their defence shut down Teesside just enough to make a vital blast for the lead. Outscoring their opponents 56-32 in the second half Middlesbrough leaped into the lead and never looked back, taking the game 97-63.

Teesside: S Rowley 25, C Harnish 23.

Mavs: Liam O'Donohue 28, Robert Bryson 15, Ian Viveash 12, Adam Taylor 10, Wayne Bailey 10.