RESIDENTS in Ingleby Barwick will enjoy a double celebration today, with the official opening of the community library and Myton Park Primary School.

The library will be opened by the Mayor of Stockton, Coun Ann Cains, while the leader of Stockton Council, Coun Bob Gibson, will do the honours at the school. Both opened their doors to the public in September.

Myton Park has 109 pupils and that number will increase to 210 when the school reaches full capacity. It also has a 39-place nursery.

The council's director of education, Stanley Bradford, said: "Now the pupils and staff have settled in, this is a day for them to celebrate their new school and having such a marvellous environment for learning.

"And it's good to hear that so many of the pupils are using the nearby library after school, as well."

Headteacher Dorothy Begley said: "We want the children to feel secure and confident and be stimulated to learn.

"Our aim is to achieve the highest standards possible for every child, but at the same time both staff and pupils should enjoy being here and working together.

"Parents have been very supportive and already we feel very much established within the community."

More than 300 people visited the new library on its first day and about 450 borrowers registered during the first week. It now has nearly 1,500 registered borrowers.

It is predicted that there will be in the region of 64,000 visits to the library in its first full year, with an estimated 100,000 books and other items borrowed.

There are about 11,000 books, as well as children's videos, CDs and spoken word collections.

Facilities include five public access computers, a scanner, colour and black and white printers, specialist software for disabled users and free internet access.

Andrea Barker, Stockton Council head of cultural services, said: "Our staff at the library have had many favourable comments from local residents expressing their pleasure in having a library in their community and we are delighted it has proved so popular.

"Many of the pupils from the local schools use the library after school, but it is a wonderful resource for young and old alike."

The library is open 48 hours a week - from 1-8pm on weekdays, 9am-5pm on Saturdays and 11am-4pm on Sundays.