IAN Austermuhle has won the national Colonial Trial near his home in Rosedale Abbey for the second year in succession.

The Lancashire University student took last weekend's event from his JLI Beta team colleague Michael Phillipson, from Crook, and Sheffield's Dan Thorpe.

The Eboracum Motor Cycle Club of York staged the trial under clear blue skies in bitterly cold, but dry, conditions.

It was a close call for Austermuhle, who arrived at the 40th and final section of the tough contest just seven penalties ahead of Phillipson.

They were almost level until the final three sections under the two giant oak trees, but Austermuhle rocketed up the final climb totally in control, while Phillipson dropped three more marks to widen the points gap.

Guisborough club member Terry Raw was the best of the huge clubman entry from Deryck Jones and Richmond's James Percival.

Results. - Experts: 1 Ian Austermuhle (JLI Beta) 19; 2 Michael Phillipson (JLI Beta) 26; 3 Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas) 28; 4 Martin Crosswaite (Scorpa) 29; 5 Sam Ludgate (JLI Beta) 35.

Best inter: Richard Allen (Beta) 36. Clubmen: 1 Terry Raw (Scorpa) 19; 2 Deryck Jones (Gas Gas) 23; 3 James Percival (Gas Gas) 29.