FROM this newspaper 100 years ago. - At a meeting of Richmond Rural Council on Saturday Mr Wetherell said he had to report a pollution of the River Swale at a farm on Scorton Road. A beast died at the farm and it was reported to be a case of anthrax. The police went to condemn the carcase when it was found it had been skinned and thrown in the river. He believed that it has been ascertained since that it was not a case of anthrax. The chairman said it was very improper for anyone to act in that way. He thought the farmer should be written to in strong terms, and that should act as a warning to the district. It was decided to adopt this course.

From this newspaper 50 years ago. - If a grocery firm making a delivery in Hurworth has lost a box or two of eggs in the course of delivery there is at least one box hidden away near Brookside. The disappearance of the eggs may have been a mystery but they have now been discovered. Mr Arthur Champion, of Castleton, the other day saw a stoat pushing with its nose an egg across the road. He pulled up his car to investigate, being curious as to how a hen's egg could have found its way to a road. A little search resulted in a discovery of a box of eggs. As they were of more uncertain age than when they first began their journey through Hurworth, he left them for the stoat to return for its prize.

From this newspaper 25 years ago. - A black and white bullock which escaped in Northallerton on Tuesday created panic in the High Street when it burst through the glass door of Boots Chemists. Shoppers fled as the animal scattered goods from the shelves as it tried to find a way out of the shop. The bullock, which had gone nearly beserk in its fright had led pursuers a chase from Goosecroft Lane and North End and was finally recaptured in Willowbeck Road. Boots manager Mr Bob Birch said afterwards it was a miracle that no-one was hurt.