Tow Law Area League: Tow Law Dan's Castle became the first team to complete a whitewash victory this season when they never dropped a point on their visit to Tow Law Rose and Crown.

The Castle had wins from Angela Suddes, Anthony Hird, Rachel Hepple, Dawn Armstrong, Paul Murray and David Murray.

Tow Law New Market A became the unexpected league leaders when they only dropped two points at Cornsay Royal Oak. This moves them one ahead of Esh Stag's Head, who did not have a match. John Close took the only singles point for the Oak, whilst the Market had wins from Raymond Wright, John Parkin, Colin Armstrong, Kenneth Atkinson and Bob McFadden to add to the two of the three doubles points.

Tow Law New Market B took over third place after they beat the visiting Sunniside Comedian by three points.

Results: Tow Law New Market B 6 Sunniside Comedian 3; Cornsay Royal Oak 2 Tow Law New Market A 7; Hamsteels Inn 6 Esh McKennas 3; Newhouse Club 7 Billy Row Club 2; Tow Law Rose and Crown 0 Tow Law Dan's Castle 9.

Willington and District League

The first round of the League Singles Championship will be held at two venues on Wednesday, March 3 with two players qualifying for the Finals Night from each venue.

Drawn to play at Willington Burn: M. Waters (Royal Oak), B. Greensmith (Prospect), J. Wragg (Quarry), I. Spowart (New Inn), I. Stoker (Brown Trout), A. Irwin (Burn), A. Mains (Cottles), P. Blyth (New Inn), K. Hill (Lion & Unicorn), R. Liddell (Cottles), S. Nutter (Royal Oak), W. Sharp (Cottles), P. Brownson (Royal Oak), J. Bone (Cottles), D. Robson (Quarry), S. Shillan (Prospect), C. Glendenning (Cottles), D. Ayre (New Inn), P. Fleming (Cottles), J. McIntosh (Burn), P. Morris (Prospect), P. Trow (Cottles), W. Kerr (Royal Oak) and K. Nyland (Prospect).

Drawn to play at Willington Lion and Unicorn: A. Fleming (Cottles), R. Welch (Brown Trout), D. Clark (Burn), L. Crosby (Cottles), S. Kyle (Burn), D. Hawkins (Lion & Unicorn), A. Melliby (Cottles), M. Smith (Royal Oak), J. Chatterton (Burn), B. Fleming (Cottles), D. Edmundson (Quarry), D. Milburn (New Inn), K. Hirst (Prospect), A. Briddick (Cottles), I. Brown (Royal Oak), C. Hawkins (New Inn), G. Spark (Cottles), J. Morrow (Royal Oak), J. Gallagher (Cottles), L. Atkinson (Prospect), D. Bennett (Cottles), L. Welch (Brown Trout) and P. Cater (New Inn).

Northallerton and District League


Division One: Nags Head pld 18, pts 41; Football Club 18, 41; Duke of Wellington 18, 40; Green Tree 18, 40; Golden Lion 18, 39; Wheatsheaf 18, 39; County Arms 18, 37; Cricket Club B 18, 37; Sportsmans 18, 34; RAFA 18, 33; Grey Horse A 18, 33; Workingsmens A 18, 33; Workingmens C 18, 30; Elders A 18, 27.

Division Two: Beeswing 16, 35; Cricket Club A 16, 33; Lord Nelson 14, 33; Tickle Toby A 15, 32; Masons Arms 14, 31; Crown 16, 30; Willow Tree 14, 30; Standard 15, 29; Elders B 14, 28; Gold Cup 15, 27; Green Dragon 14, 24; White Swan.

Division Three: Oddfellows 16, 39; Jolly Minister 17, 37; Workingmens B 17, 36; Bowling Club 16, 36; Grey Horse B 16, 34; Otterington Shorthorn 16, 34; Haynes Arms 17, 34; Crosby 17, 33; Queen Catherine 16, 31; Black Bull 17, 30; Tickle Toby B 15, 27; Bay Horse A 15, 26; Bay Horse B 15, 23.

Fives and Threes

Division One: Duke of Wellington 18, 43; Grey Horse A 18, 41; Sportsmans 18, 39; Wheatsheaf 18, 39; County Arms 18, 38; Football Club 18, 38; Workingmens A 18, 37; Workingmens C 18, 37; Nags Head 18, 35; Green Tree 18, 35; Cricket Club B 18, 33; Golden Lion 18, 31; RAFA 18, 31; Elders A 18, 27.

Division Two: Beeswing 16, 37; Tickle Toby A 15, 35; Crown 16, 35; Cricket Club A 16, 33; Green Dragon 14, 31; Willow Tree 14, 30; White Swan 15, 29; Standard 15, 28; Elders B 14, 28; Masons Arms 14, 25; Lord Nelson 14, 24; Gold Cup 15, 21.

Division Three: Haynes Arms 17, 45; Grey Horse B 16, 34; Tickle Toby B 15, 34; Workingmens B 17, 33; Oddfellows 16, 33; Queen Catherine 16, 33; Bowling Club 16, 32; Black Bull 17, 31; Jolly Minister 17, 30; Otterington Shorthorn 16, 30; Crosby 17, 29; Bay Horse B 15, 29; Bay Horse A 15, 27.

Tow Law and District League

Tow Law Football Club ended the remote championship hopes of their hosts at Tow Law Dan's Castle B with a maximum victory, which takes them six points clear at the top of the table with two matches remaining. The footballers points came from Charlie McGee, Terry Ginty, Charlie Donaghy, Arthur Henderson and Billy Lyle.

Newhouse Club dropped vital points at Sunniside Comedian, where they went down in the decider, but still retain second place, six points ahead of Dan's Castle B. Dave Thompson and Keith Race put the Comic ahead but John Brown and Harry Dinsdale levelled. In the decider the home landlord, Bill Railton beat Ian Dinsdale.

Results: Sunniside Comedian 3 Newhouse Club 2; Tow Law Station 1 Tow Law Dan's Castle A 4; Tow Law New Market B 5 Tow Law New Market A 0; Tow Law Dan's Castle B 0 Tow Law Football Club 5; Tow Law Rose and Crown 3 Hamilton Row Black Horse 2.

Wilington League

The Hunwick derby went to the decider but defeat for the Joiners Arms against the visiting Quarry cost them the chance to take over the top spot in the table. The Joiners had singles wins from Dave Robson and Ian Richardson with Stuart Gill joining Ian Richardson to add a doubles point. The Quarry levelled the match with singles wins from Chris Lowe, Jack Archer and Barry McCabe to set up the deciding doubles where Malcolm Lowe and Jamie Wragg of the Quarry beat Chris Burnham and Dave Robson.

Willington Lion and Unicorn lead the table by two points from Hunwick Joiners Arms, who are five ahead of Willington Club and Sunnybrow Brown Trout A.

Results: Sunnybrow Brown Trout A 2 Willington Club 5; Victoria Club 5 Willington Black Horse Inn 2; Willington Burn 5 Sunnybrow Brown Trout B 2; Willington New Inn 6 Willington Black Horse Tavern 1; Hunwick Joiners Arms 3 Hunwick Quarry 4.

Crook League

The Captain's Table has joint leaders with Willington Market and Crook Coach and Horses B both on ten points.

Remaining positions and points: 3rd Crook Surtees 9; 4th equal White Swan A and White Swan B 8 each; 6th equal Brewer's Droop, Queen's Head A, Coach and Horses A, Royal Sun and Belle Vue Club 7 each; 11th Traveller's Rest B 6; 12th equal Queen's Head B, Jelly's Bar B, Earl Derby, Golden Fleece, Spitfire Club and Traveller's Rest A 5 each; 18th Olde Horse Shoe B, Jelly's Bar A, Australian and Olde Horse Shoe A 4 each; 22nd Mill House 3.

Crook Belle Vue lead the First Division table by nine points from Crook Golden Fleece, who are one ahead of Crook Travellers Rest A. The Second Division leaders, Crook Coach and Horses B are one point ahead of Crook Queen's Head A with Willington Brewer's Droop a further four points adrift.