LAST Sunday was a glorious day in the new history of the Wensleydale railway.

On Yorkshire Day, new stations opened at Bedale and Redmire and an extra daily service started. These are important steps along the line to a future as a truly useful railway providing services which people need.

Last weekend's warm sunshine led many families to take the train to the dales, enjoying the sumptuous scenery as the diesel unit trundled through the North Yorkshire countryside into the Dales.

But, more importantly, passengers could see the potential the line has to be the preferred method of everyday travel between Leyburn and Northallerton, once the crucial stretch beyond Leeming Bar to the county town is opened. The line's tourism potential is obvious, especially so last Sunday, but the long-term viability of the project depends on that Northallerton link. We understand progress to that goal, whilst a little delayed, is being made. A temporary halt at Romanby, with a bus link to the town centre may be part of that progress.