FROM this newspaper 100 years ago. - Barnard Castle possesses such a reposeful old-world appearance that mention of anything modern in connection with the town sounds almost incongruous. But in these days of advanced sanitary ideas there is no excuse for deserting the court of the Goddess Hygeia, and the Urban Council of "Barney" have decided to undertake the words of the resolution passed at the last meeting, "a complete scheme of sewering the town on the latest principles." It is roughly estimated to cost £2,000, and a really adequate scheme will be dirt cheap at that figure. While the pipes are not likely to be photographed for picture postcard purposes, they will, when laid undoubtedly rank as an addition to the town's attractions.

From this newspaper 50 years ago. - After years of wandering from hall to hall for its meetings Richmond Rural Council is to have its own council chamber. This was decided at the meeting on Friday last week when a Finance Committee recommendation that the council should purchase for £4,250 Swale House, at the top of Station Bank, Richmond.

The building includes a large ballroom which will be converted into a council chamber...Chairman Coun FM Hill said he always thought the council was big enough, strong enough and important enough to have a home of its own.

From this newspaper 25 years ago. - The gnome fraternity of a North Yorkshire village is reproducing at an alarming rate -but this is one form of population explosion that has the approval of the residents. They reckon it will turn a "gno-money" situation in a windfall.

It's all happening at Skeeby where the fairies are definitely stirring at the bottom of the gardens. Jolly little gnomes are marching off the production line to make their own generous contribution to the village hall fund. Every penny they earn in sales helps to pay off the loan for the new building.