COUNCIL officials are considering relocating an allotment site in Darlington.

The Hundens Lane plots may have to be moved as a result of developments taking place in the Haughton Road area.

Darlington College of Technology is to establish a £30m campus in the area and a £5.7m transport plan to link the road to the A66 is also in progress.

The borough council's environment director, John Buxton, said: "A feasibility study is being undertaken to identify suitable alternative locations."

The matter is being considered as part of a review of the borough's allotment service.

The council entered into a partnership with the Groundwork Durham organisation in April 2002 in a bid to improve all sites.

Mr Buxton said: "This partnership has been successful in establishing three predominantly self-managed allotment associations at Hummersknott, Barmpton Lane and Glebe Road, and is helping them fund and implement a number of improvements."