A SCHEME which takes people's unwanted furniture and household items for families in need is expanding because of its success.

The County Durham Furniture Help Scheme has received valuable help and support from Sedgefield Business Centre and Community and Voluntary Organisations Sedgefield (Cavos).

The dedicated small band of volunteers is moving the operation into new premises on Chilton Industrial Estate.

The factory unit is 228sq m and is on leasehold from Sedgefield Borough Business Service, part of Sedgefield Borough Council.

The scheme, which is a registered charity, is in need of volunteers to help in all departments and is appealing for donations of reusable furniture and household goods.

Volunteer Chris Palmer said: "If any businesses have any industrial type shelving, suitable for storing furniture and household goods or equipment for moving and lifting furniture that they would like to donate, then perhaps they could give me a call."

Mr Palmer can be contacted on 07904 999429. All upholstered furniture must have a fire regulation label.