THE very young are being urged to take the plunge and compete for a swimming trophy.

The Kirsten Trophy is awarded annually to the youngest child under six to complete a length of Thirsk Swimming Pool.

The trophy was donated in 1972 by Christina Currie, who wanted to encourage parents to help their children learn to swim at the earliest possible age.

It was awarded annually until 2002 - but lapsed last year through lack of competitors. Now the White Horse Swim Team - which administers the trophy - wants to see it become a permanent feature of the swimming calendar.

"Here at Thirsk, we aim to promote learning to swim in a safe and secure environment," said spokesman Myles Strudwick.

The competition is open to any child under the age of six and who lives in the Hambleton district.

This year's contest takes place on September 25 at 5.30pm. Entry forms can be collected from the pool.