RESIDENTS of a North Yorkshire town have threatened to go to the ombudsman if an engineering firm is allowed to move on to an industrial estate near their homes.

RG Hall Engineering is hoping to move from a site in Chapel Street, Thirsk, to new premises on the Thirsk Industrial Estate.

But residents believe that the move would contravene planning conditions, which only allow "quiet" businesses in the west corner of the estate.

The proposed site was previously used by a printing firm, and residents believe if RG Hall Engineering is allowed to move there, those living in Barbeck Close and York Road will suffer.

Planning permission for the industrial estate was only given after two public inquiries and with the condition of occupancy only by quiet industries, designated B1.

A number of residents attended the latest town council meeting to protest against the plan. Resident Michael Snelling said if the move was given permission, residents would go the ombudsman to contest the decision.

He said: "To suggest that an engineering company will create little noise is farcical.

"I suggest that the engineering works be moved to a site further down the industrial estate that is designated for such use."

Another householder, Don Norfolk, said: "It is clear to us the new use conflicts with the blueprint of the planning policy."

The town council has agreed to back the residents' concerns.

Councillor Freda Roberts said: "Residents were promised when the industrial estate was allowed that residents would not be disadvantaged.

"Hambleton are now reneging on their policy.

"I am in full support of residents' concerns and, as a town council, I think we should support them."

Hambleton District Council's head of development control, Maurice Cann, said that restrictions had been placed on that section of the industrial estate, and before any decision was made, a full assessment of the plan would be carried out.

He said: "The key issue here is not whether we have a category class B1 or B2 application, but whether uses are going to be detrimental to nearby residents.

"Mr Hall has been asked to carry out full noises assessments and we will assess the results when making our recommendation.

"If it isn't suitable, it will not be allowed."