BEES, spiders and other creepy crawlies were on display at the weekend at an event to promote green living.

Durham Beekeepers' Association brought a hive to the Wildlife On Your Doorstep day, which took place in the town hall, Durham City, on Saturday.

Organised by Durham City Council, it highlighted the importance of sustainability and encouraged people to make more of green spaces in their towns and villages.

Deputy council leader Grenville Holland said: "For the first time ever in the district, we have brought together all the partners that have a shared vision in creating a biodiverse environment, from the city and county councils to naturalist groups.

"We have to provide habitats that are supportive of the natural world.

"We do not own our environment, but we have the intelligence and ability to protect what is there."

The event aimed to showcase the council's sustainability strategy, which is reintroducing flora and fauna natural to the region, through measures such as developing wild meadows.

Groups taking part included staff from Durham University's botanical gardens, who brought tarantulas, scorpions, stick insects and fruit beetles.

They were joined by organisations such as the Durham Bat Group, Durham Bird Group, and Durham Wildlife Trust.

Terry Coult, the trust's conservation manager, said: "We have got a fantastic county for wildlife.

"This event is a good opportunity to celebrate that biodiversity."