POLICE are carrying out night patrols in Ryedale in a campaign to reduce anti-social behaviour in towns and villages.

Sergeant Cliff Edens, community safety sergeant for Ryedale, is leading a team of community support officers, the road policing group and beat officers.

He said the group's first patrol in Pickering had been a success.

As well as targeting large groups of young people, the team spoke to young drivers, reminding them of local speed limits and asking them not to drive in an intimidating manner.

One was arrested on suspicion of driving while drunk and other drivers were given 14 days to have vehicle defects fixed.

Police officers found a large quantity of alcoholic drinks being consumed and found cans and tins in the town centre.

Adults seen drinking in the street were stopped and reminded that drinking alcohol was illegal in many streets.

"We were also able to identify some individuals who were involved in anti-social behaviour and we will be using local CCTV recordings to evidence what we witnessed and show to their parents.

"It is important for parents to see what their children are doing on the streets," said Sgt Edens.

Safer Ryedale, a community safety partnership, has been asked by the Government to look at ways of dealing with anti-social behaviour.

Co-ordinator Ana Richards said: "As a partnership, we have appointed a new anti-social behaviour co-ordinator and have put funding into supporting a parent link co-ordinator.

"These are roles which can help support families and find new initiatives to divert young people into activities which they will enjoy and keep them out of trouble."

Sgt Edens has offered to talk to any parents concerned about their children.

He can be contacted on (01723) 509622.