A MOTORIST'S vanity about his looks cost him dear yesterday when he was hauled over by police - for trying to shave while on the move.

He was spotted using an electric razor to get rid of his early morning stubble while driving past the old police station, in the High Street, Aiskew, near Bedale, North Yorkshire, just before 9am.

The passing patrol officers stopped him for his shaving antics and gave him "some sound advice on safe driving".

And to drive home the message they also gave him a £30 fixed penalty ticket for the offence of being a driver not in proper control of his vehicle.

A police spokesman said later: "Safe driving requires full control of a vehicle and that means full concentration.

"Using an electric razor, just like using a hand-held mobile phone, means you have neither."

He added: "This morning's incident illustrates the point that North Yorkshire Police take this issue seriously and will act promptly in the interests of road safety. Something like this may seem fairly minor to people who don't see the implications of what they are doing.

"But if you take your eye off the road or your hand off the wheel for just a few seconds, that is all it takes to cause an accident and possibly even a tragedy.

"It is both extremely dangerous and extremely irresponsible and the officers were right to deal with the incident in the way they did."