WORK on the latest phase of a £400,000 road safety project in Darlington is under way.

A new pedestrian crossing is being installed in Whinbush Way, at a cost of £80,000.

The crossing links with a cycle route from Sparrow Hall Drive to allow access to the nearby Asda supermarket.

Other projects completed this year include:

* Neasham Road, where £18,000 has been spent to upgrade the zebra crossing

* Upgrading of the pedestrian crossing at the junction of North Road and St Paul's Terrace, at a cost of £32,000

* £29,000 upgrade of a pelican crossing at the North Road and Lowson Street junction

* Work to improve the crossing at the junction of Yarm Road and Hewitson Road at a cost of £45,000

* Improvement work to the crossing at Morrisons, on North Road, costing £32,000.

Two puffin crossings have been installed at the junction of Yarm Road and St John's Crescent, and at Salters Lane North at a cost of £21,000 and £23,000.

Signals at Hundens Lane pedestrian crossing have also been upgraded in a £96,000 scheme.