A BUSINESS chief says more buses and bikes will not ease growing congestion in two North Yorkshire towns.

Brian Dunsby, chief executive of Harrogate Chamber of Trade and Commerce, spoke out as North Yorkshire county councillors backed schemes in the Harrogate-Knaresborough area to improve rail and bus links.

Mr Dunsby said extra buses and bikes might suit local commuters, but what was needed was more free-flowing traffic at mini roundabouts and fewer traffic lights.

Mr Dunsby said: "The whole economy of Harrogate depends upon business - trade and commerce is the lifeblood. It is business that pays the wages and salaries; business which pays the taxes and which, in turn, pays the pensions and most of the council funding.

"So we plead for an efficient traffic scheme to enable business to operate efficiently."

The North Yorkshire area committee for the Harrogate district has approved a string of recommendations aimed at easing congestion.

The proposals will go out to public consultation in the new year.