A teenage prankster has died in hospital after his game of 'train surfing' went tragically wrong.

Sonny Rae, 19 and friends are believed to have been trying to surf on the coupler between the carriages of the train.

Mr Rae fell from a moving metro train at a station on North Tyneside just after midnight on Sunday.

When the train moved out of Meadow Well station, North Shields, he lost his balance, fell off and was carried along under the train for a short distance.

He was rushed to Newcastle General Hospital where his family kept a bedside vigil until he died on Monday night from head injuries.

Police are trying to piece together the moments leading to Mr Rae's death and are believed to still be searching for his friends who witnessed the accident.

A 14 year-old adrenalin junkie had to have both of his legs amputated in September when he was thrown off the freight train he was riding in Northwich, Cheshire.