Michael Jackson's Mind (five); Lie With Me (ITV1): YOU can't blame people for being nosy about Michael Jackson's personal life.

As one of the experts assembled to get inside his head noted: "His psyche is such a tangled web I don't even think Michael Jackson knows what goes on in his own mind."

The documentary was little more than another excuse to rehash facts that we've heard before in advance of his trial on multiple charges of child molestation next year.

The gimmick was that, from time to time, a psychologist or psychiatrist would appear to explain what his actions meant, although I'm not sure if Freud would have put it quite like: "He's not schizophrenic, but he's pretty much away with the fairies."

Others stated the blooming obvious - that changing the colour of his skin suggested someone profoundly dissatisfied with himself. Jackson claims it's a result of a skin disorder.

The programme tried to play fair by showing people both for and against Jackson. For everyone that claimed he was a "classic paedophile" (yet to be proved), there was someone to blame it on his lack of childhood and being hit by his father. His moral outlook was blurred by seeing his father and brothers having sex with groupies while touring with them as a child performer.

At 46, he refuses to behave like an adult. He seems to think he's Peter Pan. Why else would he have built his own Neverland, where he entertains youngsters - always boys, dark-skinned but not Afro-American?

His bedroom suite has its own security system that lets him know whenever anyone is in the corridor. Is this, we were asked, the action of a man with nothing to hide? One young male friend, Richard Matsuura, admitted that Jackson "is not like most men his age" but said that he had done nothing inappropriate to him.

Perhaps there are clues in his music videos. The psychologists/psychiatrists had a field day here. The Earth Song promo showed a "degree of megalomania that was almost pathological", while The History Album video, featuring thousands of military troops and a gargantuan statue of Jackson himself, was "not healthy".

There's a possibility that the joke's on us, that Jackson is a master manipulator of the media whose life is one big publicity stunt.

By the end, we were no nearer the truth. Jackson continues to keep us guessing about his sexuality and sanity.

Lie With Me - which could have been the subtitle of the Jackson documentary - is a romantic thriller that's sufficiently different from the usual cop thriller to be worth watching. Eve Best's picture restorer wakes one morning to find her flatmate dead and comes to realise that she's been drug raped herself. Andrew Lincoln is the detective who gets too personally involved in the investigation, by sleeping with the victim. I hate to think what the Jackson shrinks would make of this.

Published: 16/11/2004