PLANNERS are to redesign a North-East community to give it a new start.

A scheme to reshape rundown South Bank, near Middlesbrough, including the demolition of more than 1,000 terraced houses, will be put before residents to consider.

Two options will be considered for the town, which will be given a greener look, with open spaces and woods.

Councillor Chris Abbott, the cabinet member for neighbourhood renewal with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, said: "It is an extremely exciting prospect.

"One of the two options is very radical. Obviously because it is a massive thing, it is going to be phased over a number of years."

If accepted by residents, the plans would include housing and a district shopping centre off the trunk road.

An exhibition detailing the recommendations from consultancy company Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners is on view at the Generation Centre tomorrow, and at Golden Boy Green on Thursday, both from 1pm to 8pm. Staff will be there to answer questions.

It follows consultations in April, when residents were asked to comment on preliminary options.

This week's consultation follows a more detailed assessment and evaluation of the options by Nathaniel Lichfield, which has submitted its final report and recommendations to the council.

Coun Abbott said: "The council has not considered these recommendations, but the cabinet wants to use them to further gauge the views of residents and other property interests.

"They will also be used to test the support of funders and housing investors and providers, who will be critical in being able to deliver any renewal plan. In broad terms, the two options favoured involved the demolition of virtually all South Bank's older terraced houses and substantial provision of public open space and community woodland. The main difference was the location of the planned replacement homes.''

Demolition work has started in three South Bank terraces. There are more than 1,000 unoccupied houses in South Bank, causing problems with vandalism.