ALL-COMERS failed to beat one of the region's leading scrabble players yesterday.

Pete Finley, Cleveland Scrabble Club champion, took on shoppers and passers-by at Asda in Stockton, Teesside, in the name of charity yesterday. But no one could beat the Sunderland Scrabble enthusiast, who helped raise £216 for Children In Need. The event was organised as part of National Scrabble Week and dozens of shoppers took time out to take on the champion.

"It was good fun and helped Children In Need so the whole day has been a success," said Simon Rylander, events manager at Asda in Stockton.

Mr Finley is a Scrabble grandmaster who has represented England three times in the World Scrabble Championship.

He has set a Guinness World Record for simultaneous Scrabble.

Cleveland Scrabble Club meets every Thursday at 7pm at Linthorpe Road Community Centre, in Middlesbrough.