A COMPANY has created 120 jobs by relocating from India to the North-East.

Thousands of British workers have been made redundant by companies choosing cheaper labour in Asia.

But Nisai has turned its back on its offices in Hyderabad and brought the firm to Middlesbrough.

Nisai provides live interactive teaching on the Internet through a Virtual Academy.

Students who cannot be in school receive their lessons from teachers through the Internet where they can listen to the teacher, ask questions and take part in interactive sessions.

The firm said it was frustrated at losing highly-trained graduates to bigger businesses in India and opted for Middlesbrough to find a stable workforce.

UK sales manager Stephen Briggs, said: "People were leaving us for just a little more pay so they could have enjoyed the profile of a bigger company, like Microsoft.

"We knew that if we relocated to the North-East, workers are much more dedicated to the area and if they are happy in their work they don't want to move.

"So we brought the office from Hyderabad to Middlesbrough, which doesn't happen often.

"But we are very pleased with the move and it will create jobs in the town."

Paul Callaghan, investment and aftercare specialist with the One NorthEast development agency, said: "This represents a significant show of confidence in the skills of the graduates coming out of the University of Teesside and the North-East workforce's reputation for enthusiasm and commitment to the area."