Hydro Polymers has planned five activities to mark the Aycliffe Angels' contribution to the war effort. They are:

Mobile Exhibition Unit: This will feature information and illustrations of the work carried out by the Aycliffe Angels. It is intended for use by schools and will also be available to other interested local groups.

Schools Education Pack: The pack will contain colour information leaflets, an exercise pack with teachers' information sheets, activity sheets, suggested school projects and exercises, to complement key stage two and three learning.

Fixed Exhibition Unit: The exhibition in Hydro Polymers visitors' centre will feature information about the Angels' work, a history of the site prior to the munitions factory and its uses afterwards.

Information Centre: The centre in the grounds of the plant will identify the layout of the factory as it was during the war, illustrate how the remaining buildings would have looked at the time and demonstrate working conditions, incorporating replica munitions.

VE Day Party: Up to 300 people will be invited to the site to launch the activities and hold a street party and reunion for surviving Aycliffe Angels, their families and friends.