DARLINGTON Football Club chairman Stewart Davies has set a timescale of two to three weeks for prospective buyers to come forward.

Former Leeds United chairman Peter Ridsdale was linked with a possible role at the club last week after discussions with Mr Davies at the Williamson Motors Stadium.

The Sterling Consortium, which took control of the club in September, is unhappy that crowds have not increased, despite the arrival of several former Premiership stars and their position in League Two.

Mr Davies, according to manager David Hodgson, has already injected a phenomenal amount of money to pay the club's running costs.

He said: "The chairman is right behind this club and I'm sure he will want to leave it in the hands of somebody who has a real genuine love for football."

Mr Hodgson's preference is for a local consortium of businessmen, who he feels would have the club's best interests at heart.

He said: "The chairman has held talks with one or two individuals and over the next two or three weeks he will see how things materialise.

"If nothing happens he will close all the doors and get on with making the club work.

"He will not let the club go into the hands of anybody he doesn't feel will go forward."