A SCHOOL was unable to make pupils' dinners yesterday after vandals targeted the kitchen.

Hurworth Primary School, in Darlington, had a number of windows broken by vandals over the weekend. The damage caused was estimated at £500.

Broken glass in the kitchen meant that no dinners could be prepared, and pupils faced going without their school lunches.

However, Eastbourne Comprehensive School stepped in to cook the meals.

Hurworth Primary School headteacher Mark Allison said: "Five windows were broken in all.

"Three windows were broken in the kitchen, one window in a Key Stage one classroom and one in a reception classroom.

"Therefore, because of the broken glass in the kitchen, the meals had to be cooked at Eastbourne."

Due to bad weather, Eastbourne Comprehensive was closed yesterday and remains closed today.

Headteacher Karen Pemberton said: "Because we've got no pupils in, circumstances have allowed us to prepare the food here and then take it up there.

"We always try to help where we can, and today we've been able to do so."

Mr Allison said: "It's really good of them. Whenever there's been a problem here, they have always stepped in. The town hall has also been excellent and very responsive."

Mr Allison said the kitchen would probably be preparing meals again today.

"The windows have been boarded up now so things should be back to normal," he said.

Inspector Alan Davidson of Durham Constabulary said: "There have been several schools who have experienced damage and we have had similar problems in the past.

"A number of the schools are adjacent to houses, so we'd urge anybody who sees this damage to report it."

Durham Police can be contacted on 0845 6060365.