A BRIDE-TO-BE is having to do without the peal of bells at her wedding because the church where she is tying the knot cannot find anyone to ring them.

Lisa Pattison, 23, is getting married to fianc Andrew Stoker, 30, at St John the Evangelist Church in Darlington, in September next year. She had hoped to hear the bells as she left the church in Neasham Road with her new husband - but a shortage of bell ringers means that won't be possible. She said: "When we went to book the wedding we got a list of all that's included in the service and bell ringers was crossed out."

Lisa asked why and found that it was not possible to find anyone to ring the bells.

The Rev Mike Dent, the rector, said he wasn't sure how long the church had been without bell ringers. "I have only been here for 18 months and have done a few weddings," he said. "I think one person asked for bells but we had to say no.

"We have church bells and they are in working order but we don't have anybody or enough people with the expertise to ring them."

Miss Pattison said: "It's not going to ruin my day. I just think it's a real shame, not just for me, but for the church and anybody else who is getting married there."

Anyone interested in ringing the bells can call Mr Dent on (01325) 244430.