A DARLINGTON secondary school will remain closed to most of its pupils today after being battered by wintry weather.

The falling temperatures caused a pipe to burst at Eastbourne Comprehensive, which flooded the basement-level maths department.

The school's heating system then broke down.

And yesterday, thawing snow leaked through the school roof and poured into a computer room and over the school's main electricity box.

Several machines have been moved, but school staff have not yet assessed the damage.

Headteacher Karen Pemberton said the 150 pupils in year 11 would be returning to the school today because they had GCSE exams next week, and the rest of the school would be reopened as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the snow and hail showers that have hit the region are to get worse, forecasters have warned.

Last night, the Press Association Weather Centre warned that much worse conditions could be expected in the coming days.

Spokesman Tony Conlan said: "We have been tracking a depression coming in from Europe, and this is expected to arrive on Thursday, and it will bring much heavier snow to the UK."

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