A HOUSEHOLDER feared he was going to be killed when a teenage burglar under the influence of drugs attacked him with a hammer.

Despite being covered in blood from blows to the head and body, the victim managed to flee and call police on his mobile phone.

Durham Crown Court heard he identified the culprit as Adam Richardson, who he previously put up overnight when he had nowhere to stay.

Richardson was also linked to the crime because the man's blood was found on jeans seized from his home, in Gloucester Place, Peterlee, County Durham.

Richardson, 17, described as a persistent teenage criminal, was yesterday sentenced to six years in a young offenders' institution. The court heard he has a record of ten previous convictions for offences including burglary, damage, assault and drug offences.

He admitted the latest charges of affray and aggravated burglary.

Mark Styles, prosecuting, said Richardson was bailed after an affray last October. Five days later, he broke into the house, in Jarvis Road, Peterlee, at 3.20am.

The householder was confronted by Richardson, who he recognised.

Mr Styles said Richardson, clenching a claw hammer, shouted: "Where's your mon-ey, where's your money?", and struck him several times.

He said the victim deflected some blows with his hand, but was, "terrified and fearing for his life", as Richardson's eyes were wide "like a crazed bull".

Richardson escaped with only two £1 coins.

Alex Burns, in mitigation, said Richardson had shown "genuine penitence"