TWO police authority members have finally relented and paid £30 parking fines they each received while on official business.

Councillors Barry Coppinger and Ron Lowes caused a furore when they refused to pay the fines incurred when they attended a Cleveland Police Authority meeting.

They were fined after parking in Lauder Street, Hartlepool, for the meeting being held at the nearby civic centre.

Both men argued that they had a right to appeal as Hartlepool Borough Council, which issued the tickets, did not provide parking spaces for the meeting, on January 27.

However, last night Coun Coppinger, who is also the council's executive member for community safety, and Coun Lowes confirmed they had paid their fines.

They said they were not prepared to make any further comment.

It is understood that their appeals against the fines have failed.

Middlesbrough councillor Joan McTigue said: "Both these councillors get £5,500 basic allowance, £10,000 for being on Mr Mallon's executive committee and £7,500 for their services to the police authority.

"Coun Coppinger is also in full-time employment with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

"Between the both of them, £60 is not much to pay really."

She added: "People who start climbing the ladder seem to think that should entitle them to special privileges when they are just public servants at the end of the day."

Hartlepool Council had said there was no request to the authority to provide parking spaces for police authority members.

It said that it operated an appeals procedure and would judge each case on its merits.

A spokesman for the authority said: "We have communicated the outcome of the appeal to the two people concerned and that is all we can say on the matter."