A WOMAN has spoken of her joy at finding the father she had never met, thanks to The Northern Echo.

Lisa Hunniford, 24, had tried for many years to trace her biological father, George Johnson, after being adopted at birth.

Mr Johnson, 71, had also been searching, but only knew Lisa by her birth name, Jodie Spence.

After making an appeal for information through The Northern Echo's Tracer column, Lisa was contacted by someone who knew her father, and put the two in touch.

Lisa, who now lives in Southampton, has spoken of her delight at the reunion she had always dreamed of.

She said: "I was nervous about trying to trace my father, because I was rejected when I traced my birth mother.

"When I heard he had got in touch, I couldn't believe it. I was excited but nervous.

"But it has been amazing, I'm delighted at how it's turned out. I speak on the phone to his other two children and even their children and grandchildren every day. I've found a whole family I never knew existed."

Adoptive dad Roy said he was delighted with the impact the reunion had on Lisa.

He said: "It's closed a big gap in her life, and answered a lot of questions.

"I can't thank The Northern Echo or its readers enough for their help."