ROGUE motorists who put children's lives at risk by speeding near schools are being targeted.

Hambleton's Community Safety Partnership is taking its £12,000 speed matrix sign to known hotspots over the next three weeks.

The sign flashes the speed of vehicles exceeding the limit and it logs the speeds of all vehicles as they pass.

It is used on roads where there are well-known problems, and where speed limits of up to 40mph are in force.

It will be out and about around schools in Leeming, South Otterington, Stokesley, Thirsk, Newby Wiske, South Kilvington and Carlton Miniott.

"We now have teams of police and fire community safety officers, as well as the traffic warden, trained to use the sign so we can get out and about far more," said Sgt Matt France.

"This month, we are targeting schools where we know we have problems with bad driving and excessive speeds.

"Whilst no one actually gets fined for speeding during these exercises, making them realise we are watching them is often enough to improve things."