A CLINIC will be launched this week to offer a screening service for men.

The Weardale Practice, in Stanhope Health Centre, Stanhope, County Durham, has been chosen to pilot the clinic, starting tomorrow.

The move, by Durham Dales Primary Care Trust (PCT), follows recent publicity about self-examination and prostate awareness, and came after the PCT took delivery of a bladder scanner for patients in the Durham Dales area.

The clinic will offer advice and carry out tests, using the scanner, which have so far only been available in hospitals.

If it is a success, it is hoped the service will be offered in other practices in the area.

PCT chairwoman Anne Beeton said: "We are delighted to be able to offer this important new service for the people of the Durham Dales.

"It has been developed thanks to the generous donation by the Graham Ford Charitable Trust of the diagnostic ultrasound bladder scanner, which was given to us at the end of last year."