A couple were lucky to escape with their lives after their vehicle hit a tree and overturned on a stretch of dual carriageway at the weekend.

Police said the husband and wife had a miraculous escape when their Suzuki Liana ran off the road on the A66, in Teesside, after a red Nissan Primera pulled sharply in front of them.

The Suzuki mounted a kerb on the westbound section of the trunk road near to Teesside Park, near Stockton, before finishing on its roof. Two fire engines from Stockton and Middlesbrough attended the scene along with ambulance crews. The couple were freed from the small family hatchback by fire fighters using specialist cutting gear.

The pair, who are believed to be in their fifties, were then rushed to hospital where the woman was treated for a fractured arm and her husband was treated for multiple bruising. It is not thought that either of them was kept in hospital overnight.

Cleveland Police are hunting for the driver of the red Primera, which it is alleged was driving dangerously.

The incident took place at around 7pm on Sunday between the slip roads onto the A19.

Police said the Suzuki had overtaken a vehicle and was moving to the nearside lane when the Primera went past it.

The Primera is alleged to have pulled sharply in front of the other car causing the driver to lose control, before driving off onto the off slip road to the A19.

A spokesman for Cleveland Police said the couple were lucky not to have been more seriously injured.

The spokesman said: "This must have been a real shock for the couple concerned. It is fair to say that they had a very fortunate escape considering the seriousness of the crash. Fortunately both the driver and passenger were wearing seat belts, which may have helped save their lives."

Police are appealing for anyone with information who saw the incident or knows the identity of the driver of the Primera to contact Cleveland Police's Road Traffic Unit on (01642) 301558.